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California Grillin

California Grillin Mission Trail Mexican Seasoning

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Mission Trail is the ultimate Mexican seasoning blend. Originally developed for Tacos but we quickly realized it was best in class for Fajitas, Carnitas, Queso, Chili, Tamales and anything else  that you want Mexican flavors added too. Bold and flavorful, as this blend was filled with only the finest cumin, chilies, onion, garlic, herbs and spices available. Our website has detailed recipes that will bring the flavors of the Mission Trail to life. Be sure to try our Taco, Fajitas and Queso recipes first!! 

Stretching from San Diego to Sonoma, the 21 missions of California are storied reminders of California and our nation's past. Few regions of the world have such a physical and visual timeline of a nation's growth and development. 


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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional Flavor

I love this so much. I keep looking for more things to make just so I can use it! So far some staples of fajitas, tacos, nachos, huevos con chorizo but I’m just getting started — I joked with my wife I’m about to put it in my cereal.