About us

Matt Lokay started California Grillin in 2016 as a way to share grilling and bbq photographs on instagram. His friends told him their phones didn’t have enough storage to handle all the photos he would send on text and that this would be easier. The BBQ community on instagram inspired Matt to take his backyard cooking to levels he’d never thought possible. A self taught backyard grillmaster, Matt has enjoyed live fire cooking as far back as he can remember.  

During the initial lockdowns of the pandemic in 2020, Matt started formalizing a business plan to share his favorite BBQ seasonings and rub recipes under the California Grillin name. Each bottle has a California theme and pulls from a unique piece of California history. After finding a packer that could replicate the recipes, working with the FDA, finding a local graphic designer that could pull the theme together, they were able to launch the business. 

Matt’s wife Mara and their three sons, Maddux, Myles and Maxton have rallied behind him to help launch California Grillin Seasonings and Rubs for all to experience. Mara handles the day to day accounting, shipping  and order management. Maddux stepped up to construct the website and also assists with video production for the different social media platforms. Myles has always been at Matt’s side as his resident sous chef. Myles also is a huge component in recipe development along with being Matt’s partner at BBQ competitions. Maxton helps with recycling and organizing products as well as being one of the families taste testers. Matt jokes that he feels like he still has the best job, as the families head chef and that capturing some video and photographs for Instagram really doesn't take that long. The family resides in Temecula, California and is looking for ways to give back to Californians as the business grows.