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California Grillin

California Grillin Bull vs Bear Steak & Beef Seasoning

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Bull vs Bear was developed specifically for beef and red meat protiens. This beef rub is perfectly peppery and is full of bold flavor profiles. Bull vs Bear is the perfect seasoning for steaks and brisket but please don’t stop there, we love it on burgers, chicken, pork, veggies and we have been using it as a critical ingredient in our chili recipe for years. And we can’t get enough of this rub on tri tip as it is the perfect seasoning for beef

California was once home to over 10,000 California Grizzly Bears. Bull vs Bear fighting events were held as entertainment for crowds on many Sunday afternoons and are believed to be the source for the modern day phrase of Wall Streets Bull and Bear markets. The California Grizzly went extinct in the mid 1920s but its legacy lives on and remains a key symbol for the state of California.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Damato
Best ever

I use Bull vs Bear on virtually everything! I just tried the Steak & Beef Seasoning at it was amazing.

L East
Great seasoning!

Love all the California Grillin seasonings. These are great with steak and burgers.

Incredible Steak Rub

This steak rub has the perfect bite and flavor notes. It says that it is for steak and beef but we've had tremendous success with it on pork, chicken and vegetables. We also had fun reading the history on the side of the bottle and had no idea about the Bull vs Bear fights in California. Highly recommend this bottle!

Cheat Codes to BBQ

I’ve tried (and loved) all of the CaliforniaGrillin products so far and have often wondered what was the process for coming up with these seasoning combinations.

Like did Matt sit there and say to himself “I’m going to find the finest ingredients in the land, mix them with pixie dust and say a magic spell” in order to make them so perfect. Because in all seriousness they all somehow magically form this cohesive layering effect of bold flavors when used together that don’t overpower each other. Simply brilliant and each time I prepare something for friends and family they have been blown away. It’s like I’ve finally unlocked the cheat codes to perfect BBQ and all I have to do is not mess up the cook! Great product, and an awesome company to support. Keep it up CaliforniaGrillin!

Jason Rowell
Absolutely the best!

Bull vs Bear has now become my go to rub! It has the perfect balance of flavor and just the right amount of heat to absolutely be the best!