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California Grillin

California Grillin Seasoning Collection 4 pack

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California Grillin rubs and seasoning blends stand out for their excellence, flavor and versatility. Inspired by California’s rich history of live fire cooking, wide range of culinary expertise and the regions far reaching flavor profiles. Each bottle is packaged in the USA and will make you the talk of every backyard cookout or BBQ competition.

1848 Gold Rush Dust

1848 Gold Rush Dust is the perfect all-purpose seasoning for beef, pork, poultry, fish and vegetables. This precise combination of herbs and spices was developed so you don’t have to worry about finding the right balance. Gold Rush Dust will provide consistent and delicious flavors you can rely on and pairs perfectly with other seasonings and rubs.

1848 Gold Rush Dust pays homage to the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush was sparked by the discovery of gold nuggets at Sutter’s Mill, which was beside the American River on January 24, 1848. The territory would more than double its population within five years.

Route 1

Route 1 BBQ seasoning pulls from California’s boundless BBQ cooking history but also from regional flavors across the nation. This rub features the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Route 1 delivers that classic barbecue flavor and is perfect on pork, poultry, beef, fish and vegetables.

Route 1 Highway follows the Pacific coastline from Baja to the top of the Olympic Peninsula. The most scenic part is the 139 miles from Monterey to Morro Bay near San Luis Obispo.

Desert Heat

Desert Heat’s unique blend of Cajun seasonings and spices bring any dish to life with just the right amount of spice. So versatile that we almost called it an all-purpose!! Works great on beef, pork, poultry, seafood and vegetables as well as dishes that need that extra kick. Desert Heat Cajun seasoning while not to spicy will leave you looking for a cold beverage to quench your thirst.

Bull vs Bear

Bull vs Bear was developed specifically for beef and red meat protiens. This beef rub is perfectly peppery and is full of bold flavor profiles. Bull vs Bear is the perfect seasoning for steaks and brisket but please don’t stop there, we love it on burgers, chicken, pork, veggies and we have been using it as a critical ingredient in our chili recipe for years.

California was once home to over 10,000 California Grizzly Bears. Bull vs Bear fighting events were held as entertainment for crowds on many Sunday afternoons and are believed to be the source for the modern day phrase of Wall Streets Bull and Bear markets. The California Grizzly went extinct in the mid 1920s but its legacy lives on and remains a key symbol for the state of California.

Golden Gate Grind

Golden Gate Grind is loaded with garlic, red bell pepper, onion, sea salt and other exotic spices. Golden Gate Grind infuses flavors from up and down the state of California and works perfectly on beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and can be used in your existing recipes to take them to the next level.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic structure spanning almost two miles across the San Francisco Bay. The bridge is believed to be the most photographed bridge in the world and was named one of the seven civil engineering wonders of the untied states. Construction on the bridge began in 1933 and concluded in 1937 and came in under budget by $1.3M.

Mission Trail Mexican Seasonings

Mission Trail is the ultimate Mexican seasoning blend. Originally developed for Tacos but we quickly realized it was best in class for Fajitas, Carnitas, Queso, Chili, Tamales and anything else  that you want Mexican flavors added too. Bold and flavorful, as this blend was filled with only the finest cumin, chilies, onion, garlic, herbs and spices available. Our website has detailed recipes that will bring the flavors of the Mission Trail to life. Be sure to try our Taco, Fajitas and Queso recipes first!! 

Stretching from San Diego to Sonoma, the 21 missions of California are storied reminders of California and our nation's past. Few regions of the world have such a physical and visual timeline of a nation's growth and development. 

Customer Reviews

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Johnny Arias

Shipped quick, and great product. It’s enhanced several of my dinners already! Thank you California grillin!

Ross Hayden
Excellent seasonings. A Must Have!

High quality ingredients, low sodium. Incredible favor! Also they come in large bottles making the price for the quantity a great value.


Great product great service. Each one is a Great add on for my meat's

Betty Bach

Wonderful spice line!! Very tasty!! Telling all our friends about it!!