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California Grillin

California Grillin Seasoning 5 lb bag Gold Rush Dust

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Refill your Gold Rush Dust bottle over 6 times and save money!

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Davis
Amazing Culinary Magic

Seriously, we use them every single day, and they've become as essential as salt and pepper in our kitchen. The Gold Rush Dust, oh man, where do I start? It's the secret ingredient that turns every meal into a masterpiece.
Whether we're firing up the grill for a weekend barbecue or just making a quick breakfast scramble, the Gold Rush Dust is there, adding its magic touch. It's not just a seasoning; it's the heart and soul of our cooking.
Honestly, we've even worked it into our monthly budget because life without California Grillin seasonings just wouldn't be the same. So here's to you, California Grillin, for making our meals tastier, our kitchen happier, and our family dinners unforgettable!

Must have

I try lots of rubs, spice combinations, marinades…I enjoy tinkering. That being said, I can’t live without Gold Rush Dust at this point! Alone or in combination with other rubs from CA Grillin’, it’s always on point. Buying in bulk makes life so much easier, too…

juan Carrillo

Gold Rush Dust is the perfect seasoning to everything… you need this!

Arbi B
Can’t get enough!

Definitely the way to go once you pickup your first set of bottles. Great value here and super easy to just refill.